Birth Certificate


Child Registration Certificates is a registration document used to register minors under the age of 18 years

CRC Application Process

Detailed Application Procedure

  1. Data Acquisition at NSRC/DAU
    •  Issuance of Token
    • Photo Capturing
    • Thumb and Signatures
    • Data Acquisition by DEO
  2. Data uploading to NADRA Data Warehouse
  3. Verification and Clearance from NADRA Data Warehouse
  4. Printing at NSRC/DAU
  5. Delivery to Applicant at NSRC/DAU

Documentation Requirements

Following are the basic documentation requirements for CRC:
No Documents are required for applicants below the age of 10 years
Birth or School Certificate is required for applicants over the age of 10 years

For more details on fee changes

Delivery Time

5 Days

Fee Structure

Normal (Fresh) 50 Rupees